Join the Habitat Restoration Field Crew

YLR Habitat Restoration Field Crew

What is stewardship? Restoration? Ecology? The Younger Lagoon Reserve Habitat Restoration Field Crew offers opportunities for students to answer these questions. Learn about natural history, practice habitat restoration techniques, and build your resume while contributing to the restoration of Younger Lagoon Reserve's coastal habitats with students just like yourself!

Student interns work outside among herons, hawks, and coyotes and pull invasive weeds, collect native seeds, propagate and plant native seedlings, maintain existing restoration sites, cut back trails, and conduct ecological monitoring throughout the year. The best way to get involved is to start with a 2-unit internship.   Upon successful completion of a 2-unit internship, students may pursue an upper division or senior internship project and even apply for a paid student employee position on the SCARR Team.

Student interns work outside almost every day - rain or shine, and should expect to get wet and muddy! Appropriate clothing and footwear are required (depending on need, YLR can provide this gear for you).

Prerequisites: Student interns must arrive on time with a positive attitude, follow instructions, and pay attention to detail!

Our 2-unit restoration internship is supported by the Environmental Studies Internship Office and is offered each quarter (including summer)!

If you have specific questions about this internship, contact Research, Education, Outreach, and Restoration Steward, Eric Medina at


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