Restoration Planning and Management

The Coastal Long-Range Development Plan (CLRDP) is a comprehensive physical development and land use plan that governs development, land use, and resource protection at the UC Santa Cruz Coastal Science Campus, including Younger Lagoon Reserve (YLR). The adoption of this plan by the University of California and subsequent certification by the California Coastal Commission results in the delegation to the University of California of the authority to authorize most on-Campus development consistent with the plan without a coastal development permit, subject to Commission oversight. 

The Resource Management Plan (RMP) within the CLRDP provides a broad outline with general recommendations and specific guidelines for resource protection, enhancement, and management of all areas outside of the mixed-use research and education zones on the Coastal Science Campus (areas that will remain undeveloped). A critical component of the CLRDP is the creation of a Specific Resource Plan (SRP) for each phase of restoration guided by the Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). 

In order to further refine restoration targets, prior to the start of restoration, graduate student researchers conducted baseline and reference site monitoring at botanically rich sites along the coast. Restoration monitoring reports are submitted to the SAC and Commission as part of the Younger Lagoon Reserve Annual Report.

Coastal Long Range Development Plan

Baseline and Reference Site Monitoring

Specific Resource Plans

Annual Reports